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” World Cup Kiss Controversy: Spanish Football Chief’s Mother Initiates Hunger Strike”

World Cup Kiss Controversy Are In a surprising turn of events, the mother of Luis Rubiales, a prominent figure in Spanish football, initiated a hunger strike on Monday, opposing an incident that led to a heated controversy. She staged this strike within a church, voicing her dissent against what she termed an “inhuman act,” which involved her son being caught and kissed.

Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) :-

Rubiales, who serves as the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), had been suspended by FIFA on Saturday after the uproar following the incident of the kiss. The incident occurred during an awards ceremony in Spain, where Rubiales had placed a kiss on the mouth of Jennifer Hermoso, a female footballer who helped Spain win the World Cup in Sydney on August 20. Hermoso expressed her discomfort about being kissed.

Despite facing allegations related to inappropriate behavior, women’s rights, and sexual harassment on a national level, Rubiales has denied resigning from his post. Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz was in a meeting on Monday with representatives of FUTPRO, a women’s footballers’ union representing Hermoso, and the Spanish Footballers’ Association.

In a video statement prior to the meeting, Diaz said, “What footballer Jennifer Hermoso has experienced should never have happened.” Rubiales’ step-sister, Vanessa Ruiz, told reporters that the family considered the situation “unfair” and that they have experienced pain and oppression in dealing with it.

Rubiales’ mother, Ángeles Bejar, was on a hunger strike and was determined not to leave the parish church of Divina Pastora in Motril, southern Spain, where Rubiales’ home is located. Bejar told the state news agency EFE that her strike would continue “until a solution is reached” and that they were facing an “inhuman and bloodthirsty” situation, for which her son was being wrongly held responsible. Bejar also emphasized that “there is no sexual harassment, as both parties agree, as evidenced by the pictures.” She added, “My son is incapable of harming anyone.”

Rubiales, aged 46, has been criticized for the kiss – an act that Hermoso, his teammates, several male players, and even the Spanish government considered unwanted. In a Friday meeting of the federation where his presence was highly anticipated, Rubiales, instead of resigning, demanded an investigation into his case. He labeled the behavior and the kiss as “natural, mutual, enthusiastic, and sensitive.”

The RFEF stated that Rubiales would legally defend himself to “prove himself innocent” and protect his “innocence.” Meanwhile, Hermoso remarked that she did not give consent for the kiss and felt “unsafe and victim of aggression.”

In recent years, gender-related issues have become a major topic in Spain. Thousands of women have participated in protests against sexual harassment and violence, and the coalition government of the Socialist Party has led legislative reforms, including laws concerning equal pay and the right to abortion.

World Cup Kiss About Jennifer Hermoso and Spanish Football Chief’s Rubiales :-

Feminist groups organized a demonstration in Madrid on Monday under the banner “With You, Jennifer.” Hundreds participated in the protest against Rubiales in Salamanca on Sunday.

The Spanish national team that won the World Cup as well as several other players have said they would not play international matches while Rubiales remains head of the federation.

“The decision adopted by the chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has been communicated today to Mr Luis Rubiales, the RFEF and (European soccer body) UEFA for due compliance.”

While the Spanish government cannot dismiss Rubiales, it has sharply criticized his actions and suspended him from his job on Friday. On Friday, he was suspended using a legal procedure through the sports judiciary. All 23 players of Spain’s Cup-winning team, including Hermoso, and several other members, stated that they would not play internationally as long as Rubiales remained the head of the federation. Their next match is against Sweden on September 22 in the Nations League.

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